Marion Rankine

Brollies rising: A takeover Brollies rising: A takeover

Recently, as we prepared for the glorious launch of Marion Rankine’s unreasonably charming Brolliology, we invited her to take over our Instagram feed, transforming it into a wonderland of beauteous and scintillating umbrella-tude.Read more »

Out today: <i>Brolliology</i> Out today: Brolliology

Excellent news today for anyone who loves a good umbrella: Marion Rankine’s Brolliology is on sale now! Brolliology looks to the umbrella’s alternatingly humble and exalted history, from ancient Egypt to the London tube. ByRead more »

Brolly olly oxen free Brolly olly oxen free

This one’s going to make you happy. In Brolliology, veteran bookseller Marion Rankine examines the umbrella in all its forms and significances, from parasols held over the heads of humanity’sRead more »