June 28, 2016

Synergy in action: Rory Gilmore brings books to the White House


Rory Gilmore visits the White House. Image via EW.com.

Rory Gilmore visits the White House. Image via EW.com.

Only six months to go before Netflix releases its four-part Gilmore Girls revival series, which means it’s time to get marketing.

In a canny cross-promotional effort, the show’s twitter account released a short video in which Alexis Bledel’s character, Rory Gilmore, visits Michelle Obama to offer some reading suggestions before the First Lady travels to Liberia, Morrocco, and Spain to launch her Let Girls Learn initiative.

In the video, Mrs. Obama appears to be just hanging out in the White House, writing a letter, when Rory arrives carrying a stack of books (she’s late because she been “distracted in the China Room again”).

Rory knew the First Lady would need something to read on the plane and so has brought along some options: among them, Shakespeare’s complete works (“because you can’t go wrong with the Bard”); Moby-Dick, Anna Karenina, and The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (“classic beach reads”); and books by Zadie Smith, Michel Proust, Jane Austen, and Marilynne Robinson (though Rory probably already knows that the Obamas are Robinson fans).

Mrs. Obama—who will likely have her hands full “[opening] the doors of education for girls around the world”—plucks just one book from the pile: Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend.

We had a feeling Rory would be pushing that one.



Taylor Sperry is a former Melville House editor.