May 17, 2016

Summer Books Preview: The Subsidiary, by Matías Celedón


The Subsidiary whiteThe premise for The Subsidiary came to Matías Celedón when he bought an old stamp set—the kind one imagines punching “VOID” in big, red letters on a check—at a Santiago library that was shutting down. Who had used this set, and what kinds of tedious, bureaucratic documents was that person stamping? From these questions, Celedón’s story emerged: an employee, trapped in an office building after the power cuts out, bears witness to the horrors that transpire in the darkness . . . one hand-stamped dispatch at a time.

The Subsidiary is an English-language debut that Alejandro Zambra calls “powerful, beautiful, and haunting,” from one of Chile’s rising literary stars. It goes on sale August 30th.

The Subsidiary, by Matías Celedón
Translated by Samuel Rutter

PAGES: 208
ISBN: 9781612195445
ON SALE: August 30, 2016