August 10, 2016

Summer book preview: Networks of New York by Ingrid Burrington


Networks Of New York whiteIngrid Burrington’s Networks of New York is more than a field guide to Internet infrastructure (though it does decode the spray-painted sidewalk scrawls that mark telecommunication cables, point out the networked cameras sprinkled throughout New York’s subway system, and map the giant, windowless carrier hotels of downtown Manhattan), and it’s more than a  introduction to the strange mergers and monopolies that control the spread of information (though it gives us a taste of that too) — it’s also a key to understanding the single most essential aspect of modern life. Burrington shows us that the Internet is hiding in plain sight — we just have to know where to look.

Below, a sneak peek at some of the beautiful illustrations and insights from Networks, due out August 30.


Networks of New York by Ingrid Burrington
PAGES: 112
ISBN: 9781612195421
FORMAT: Hardcover
ON SALE: August 30, 2016