April 4, 2017

Stephen King slips “truth serum” into the Snapple teas of six fictional Trump supporters


Stephen King

It’s totally just fiction when novelist Stephen King imagines a panel of Trump supporters based on the “make-believe people always bouncing around in my head,” but one wonders how much of what those characters have to say reflects what actual, Real Live Trump Voters would profess if they, too, imbibed King’s “powerful truth serum.” (One also shudder-wonders what Trump himself would say if he were under the same influence.)

In a 100% speculative piece for the Guardian, King offers up six imaginary panelists of various backgrounds who explain why they voted for Trump and, more tellingly, why they just couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. It turns out it wasn’t Benghazi or the e-mails (“I don’t care about that chick’s emails”) that decided their votes, but rather that Hillary is a “bitch” and a “stuck-up smartypants” in cahoots with the “baby-killers” and the “gun puritans” — just another “weak woman” who wanted to give American jobs to “illegals.”

But, hey, it’s all make-believe, right?

For some decidedly not-made-up, not Fake News reporting on what went down in the 2016 election, check our Susan Bordo’s masterful The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, on sale today! (There’s also an excerpt up at the Guardian.)



Taylor Sperry is a former Melville House editor.