May 16, 2019

Stan Lee’s former manager charged with elder abuse


Before comic book writer Stan Lee’s death in November 2018, there were rumors swirling about elder abuse by Lee’s daughter J.C., his business manager Keya Morgan, his road manager Mac Anderson, and many other associates and friends. After Lee’s death, the internet was flooded with fond memories of Lee’s work and influence, which overpowered the news on the rocky relationships towards the end of Lee’s life. On May 14, however, the drama resurfaced when news that Keya Morgan was charged with elder abuse was released. According to the Guardian, the Los Angeles superior court issued an arrest warrant for charges including false imprisonment, forgery, and fraud. Wondering what Stan Lee would have to say about this? 

The Daily Beast captured some of his thoughts on the topic in this uncomfortably intimate interview from October 2018. Here’s an excerpt:

DAILY BEAST: What’s on your wish list?

STAN LEE: That I leave everyone happy when I leave.

J.C. LEE: You won’t leave anyone happy.

STAN: Well, I don’t mean happy that I left. Happy that I took the right path.

J.C.: You always do, pop. It was just the people around you. It was never you. You were always the good guy, and there were just creeps around you, and it was this town. Never you.

STAN: I learned later on in life, you need advisors if you’re making any money at all. I did everything myself. The first years of my career when I wrote Super Rabbit [an early cartoon character he created], and when I wrote all those characters, and I wrote the Hulk—I handled everything. I paid all the bills, I did all the bookkeeping, I handled everything. But then, a little money started coming in, and I realized I needed help. And I needed people I could trust. And I had made some big mistakes. And my first bunch of people were people that I shouldn’t have trusted.

J.C.: And the second, and the third bunch. We are still looking. He is still young enough to still be looking.



Christina Cerio is the Direct Sales Associate and Publishers Assistant at Melville House.