September 1, 2021

Spring 2022 Catalog




The Marauders: Standing Up to Vigilantes in the American Borderlands
Patrick Strickland | 9781612199269 | Hardcover | 1/25/2022 | $27.99 

This real-life Western tells the story of how citizens in a small Arizona border town stood up to anti-immigrant militias and vigilantes. 

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Be Here to Love Me at the End of the World
Sasha Fletcher | 9781612199474 | Trade Paperback | 2/8/2022 | $17.99 

A love story set in a bad dream about America, concerning permanent debt, secret police, making dinner, and unpaid invoices—right up until the end of the world. 

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The Stone World
Joel Agee | 9781612199542 | Hardcover | 2/22/2022 | $27.99 

The son of acclaimed writer James Agee delivers a beautiful and haunting rec reation of his childhood, when his mother fled America for Mexico, and raised  him amid a circle including expat European communists, local labor activists,  and even Frida Kahlo. 

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Death Row Welcomes You: Visiting Hours in the Shadow of the  Execution Chamber
Steven Hale | 9781612199283 | Hardcover | 3/15/2022 | $28.99  

A bold new look at justice and ethics in America, told through interwoven lives  of condemned prisoners and the men and women who come to visit them. 

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My Fourth Time, We Drowned: Seeking Refuge on the Worlds Deadliest  Migration Route
Sally Hayden | 9781612199450 | Hardcover | 3/22/2022 | $29.99 

The Western world has turned its back on migrants, leaving them to cope with  one of the most devastating humanitarian crises in history. 

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The Price of Immortality
Peter Ward | 9781612199528 | Hardcover | 4/19/2022 | $28.99

In the tradition of Jon Ronson and Tim Wu, an absorbing and revelatory journey into the American Way of Defying Death.

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Digitizing the Dollar: The Future of Public Money in the Age of  Cryptocurrency
Rohan Grey | 9781612199313 | Hardcover | 4/19/2022 | $29.99 

The modern era of digital currency is here, but far from an oddity or bubble,  digital money promises to revolutionize our monetary system—and presents a  unique opportunity to change it for the better. 

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Goering’s Gold
Richard O’Rawe | 9781612199658 | Trade Paperback | 4/26/2022 | $17.99

A sequel to bank hesit thriller Northern Heist featuring the antihero of that book, ex-IRA soldier James “Ructions” O’Hare, battling modern-day Nazis and his old IRA colleagues in a race to find, and escape with, a long-hidden cache of Nazi loot.

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Here Goes Nothing
Steve Toltz | 9781612199719 | Hardcover | 5/3/2022 | $26.99

A wildly inventive, savagely funny and topical novel about love, mortality and the afterlife, by the Booker-shortlisted author of A Fraction of the Whole.

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The Perfect Golden Circle
Benjamin Myers | 9781612199580 | Hardcover |5/17/2022 | $27.99

From a British literary sensation, the story of two rural outcasts and the crop  circles they create over the course of a long, hot and very strange summer.

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Janet Malcolm: The Last Interview
9781612199689 | Trade Paperback | 6/7/2022 | $17.99

Full of insights about her writing process, the craft of journalism, and her own analysis of her most famous works, this collection proves that Janet Malcolm is just as elusive and enlightening in conversation as she was on paper.

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This Place That Place
Nandita Dinesh | 9781612199498 | Trade Paperback | 6/14/2022 | $17.99 

An impassioned and inventive debut novel about two people earnestly search ing for a way to preserve their friendship across seemingly insurmountable  political divides. 

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Privacy is Power: Why and How You Should Take Back Control of Your Data
Carissa Veliz | 9781612199672 | Trade Paperback | 1/11/2022 | $17.99 

An Economist Book of the Year 

Every minute of every day, our data is harvested and exploited. It’s time to pull the plug  on the surveillance economy.

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Northern Heist
Richard O’Rawe | 9781612199641 | Trade Paperback | 3/1/2022 | $17.99 

“A rollicking, colourful account.” —The Guardian 

A fast-paced, suspenseful thriller based on one of the biggest (still unsolved) bank-robberies in history—written by a former IRA bank robber.

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The Bloodless Boy
Robert J. Lloyd | 9781612199511 | Trade Paperback | 7/5/2022 | $17.99 

“Wonderfully imagined and wonderfully written . . . Superb!” —Lee Child 

Part Wolf Hall, part The Name of the Rose, a riveting literary thriller set in Restoration  London, with a cast of real historic figures, set against the actual historic events and  intrigues of the returned king and his court.

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