October 31, 2016

Spooky ghosts will haunt you forever and intolerable horror will pursue you all your days


Well, it’s finally come: the scariest day of the year. While you’re sitting down to that morning bowl of cobwebs, why not doing some terrifying reading with a guy who understands:

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. Bonus track:

(Side note: I hereby nominate Vincent Price bellowing, “Take thy beak from out my heart!” for national anthem.)

I know what you’re thinking: dag, this is some spooky stuff. Let me blow your mind a little further, friends — did you ever think the worst demons of all might be the ones inside us?

(This 1969 adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, originally produced for Encyclopædia Britannica’s “Short Story Showcase,” doubles as proof that Earth was once home to a young Ed Begley, Jr.)

Finally, here’s this, which combines heart-clenching fear with that tingly scalp thing:

See you where the wolfsbane blossoms, children, and stay thirsty.



Ian Dreiblatt is the former Director of Digital Media at Melville House.