November 7, 2019

Somehow more shakeups at Deadspin after everybody left


Last week, we wrote about how a “stick to sports” mandate handed down to the popular sports and culture blog Deadspin from its parent company, G/O Media, was met with derision and protest from the site’s staffers.

Much has happened in the intervening days.

For one, the entire goddamn staff walked out! It’s unfortunate that it came to that, especially in a moment where media jobs are disappearing at such a steady clip. But from afar, it was a thrilling bit of solidarity among a staff who had built a unique voice together and an inspiring act of editorial integrity.

Now, according to Kerry Flynn at CNN Business, the editorial director of G/O Media and face of the hated mandate, Paul Maidment (a sort of Dickensian name for The Boss if one has the ring of “made a mint” in mind), has now resigned. He cited an “entrepreneurial opportunity” as the reason was leaving the position he’d held since June.

And it was a bumpy few months for Maidment, as Flynn writes:

During his tenure at G/O Media, Maidment created tension with the editorial staff, in particular Deadspin. He had scolded Megan Greenwell, who was editor-in-chief of Deadspin at the time, for letting the site report on itself for what became an August feature titled, “This Is How Things Work Now At G/O Media.” Greenwell resigned shortly thereafter and on her final day published a post that criticized G/O Media’s management.

Meanwhile voicey sports stories are appearing once again on Deadspin, without any replacement editorial staff having been announced.



Ryan Harrington is a senior editor at Melville House.