January 20, 2017

Some things to think about today


This beautiful painting by Lyubov Popova is an example of something you might want to look at instead of watching the news today.

It’s Friday! You’ve survived a long week on Planet Earth. No need to talk about the specifics — in fact, just for today, let’s not talk about the specifics. Let’s let That Thing That’s Happening happen without our participation. In the meantime, it’d be a good time to have some stuff to check out on the internet.

For instance, have you looked into MarmeladenOma, the German grandma who reads children’s books over Twitch, soothingly, in German?

Did you catch this fairly enjoyable propaganda piece on the favorite books of Chinese president Xi Jinping, that the Telegraph, for some reason, decided reprint from China Daily?

Were you following the monthlong occupation of the Sejm, Poland’s lower house of parliament, by the opposition Platforma Obywatelska (“Civic Platform”) party? Just concluded, it aimed to protect the access of journalists to the legislature.

Have you heard that Nickelodeon is creating its own e-reader? Did everyone but me already know Nickelodeon still exists?

Have you read Fredrik deBoer’s essay on not liking David Foster Wallace?

And did you catch this? The New York Times is rarely as high-spirited as it was when Robin Pogrebin wrote about playwright Matthew Lombardo’s lawsuit against the estate of Dr. Seuss last month, with unrestrained exclamation pointery, full-on Seusspersonation, and one kooky piece of news.

Lastly, since you’re going to have no news to look at all day, here’s some music some of us have been bumping around the office this week, to keep you busy. Stay strong, everybody. Be brave, listen to your heart, and we’ll see you on the other side.