October 10, 2018

Some things in the world are still good: Aimee Mann to pen music for Girl, Interrupted musical


If I had to imagine the Venn Diagram of Aimee Mann fans and Girl, Interrupted fans, I’d guess it’s pretty close to a perfect circle. Today we report good news, via Noah Yoo at Pitchfork, for those of us with such great taste: Aimee Man is writing the music for the stage adaptation of Girl, Interrupted. Girl Interrupted, a memoir from Susanna Kaysen about her time at a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s, is filled with longing and sharp insights on what it is to feel deeply, not unlike Mann’s music.  

In an interview with Scott Timberg at the Los Angeles Review of Books, where in addition to this great news the two talk books and music (it’s definitely worth the read), Mann expressed her excitement about the project: “So literally right up my alley—it’s about crazy ladies! So that’s very enjoyable.”

Where do we file our petition for the play to feature a cameo from Mann? She sure does have the experience.  



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.