June 21, 2017

So, we’re giving away some books…


So, summertime is back in full swing. Here’s some documentary footage of your life right now:

Wow, whoa, ok. This doesn’t seem ideal. After beta-testing a few ideas that just wouldn’t work (turns out it’s illegal to blot out the sun completely with a canvas held by dirigibles, and there are ecological implications when air conditioning is expanded to include the outdoors), we have arrived at one surefire solution: excellent, free books for summer.

Did we mention that the books will be excellent? Did we mention that they’re free? Behold:

Here’s how it works: click right here to enter. All we need’s a name and an email address. Boom. You’re done. Sit back. Relax. If you happen to have a cold drink sitting around inside a pineapple, now’s the time to grab a straw. Your work here is finished.

What happens is next is that on July 1 (that’s next Saturday, gang), we’ll draw the names of five lucky humans* to determine our winners. Every winner will receive:

Seriously, what are you waiting for? You should stop reading this right now. Click here. Win books. Go go go go go.




*Due to intergalactic contest regulations, you must be human to win this contest.