December 8, 2016

So long, Good Girls Revolt . . . it’s been real


Good Girls Revolt, via Flavorwire

Good Girls Revolt. Via Flavorwire.

For those of you keeping up with our diligent reportage on this urgent issue, I’m sorry to say that this might be the last MobyLives dispatch regarding the Amazon original series Good Girls Revolt. Which has been cancelled!

In a totally unanticipated disappointment, Jen Carlson reports for Gothamist that Amazon’s show “felt empty, more focused on love affairs around the office than the real-life compelling story” of the groundbreaking 1970 lawsuit in which forty-six women sued Newsweek magazine for gender discrimination.

How surprising that the story of the first female class action lawsuit, which was then followed by suits from women at Time, Reader’s Digest, the New York Times, NBC, and the AP, and also helped spur the Women’s Movement, would be superseded by an appeal to the superfluous!

Creator Dana Calvo has suggested that the show was cancelled because studio head Roy Price “didn’t care for it,” not because the numbers weren’t strong — they were. Calvo said the show was responsible for 55% of the people being driven from Amazon’s entertainment to its commerce section (O! horrifying metric) and John Sollecito, a VP at Symphony Advance Media, said the show had a “really strong female 18-to-49 following.”

Meanwhile, Calvo and Sony are shopping the second season elsewhere.

NB This reporter has still not watched Good Girls Revolt.



Taylor Sperry is a former Melville House editor.