October 30, 2012

SLIDESHOW: Hurricane preparedness for readers/idiots


The key to riding out a hurricane, whether it be in Brooklyn, where we are, or in parts South, is thorough preparation. With a little bit of forethought and elbow grease, anyone can be safe and sound in all but the most powerful of storms. Anyone, that is, but you. Because while you could have been filling bathtubs and battening hatches and just generally getting the hell out of Dodge, you were reading a book. Granted, it was a pretty great book, but maybe somewhere in between the car chase and the scene where they finally give way to their animal passions, you might have looked up at the darkening sky and thought about buying a goddamned candle or something.

Fear not, dear book addict. You and we are in the same boat (maybe even literally, the way things are shaping up here). Below we show you three simple methods to help your book survive the inevitable stormy march to safety, or at least in search of a bodega that hasn’t run out of toilet paper and whatever item you choose to pair with it to disguise the fact that you really really need some toilet paper.


Dustin Kurtz is former marketing manager of Melville House.