January 23, 2017

Signs of rebellion!


Well, ok. Ok ok ok. So, it happened.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t get my head to form a single thought on Friday. The sheer sensory dissonance of it—that thing sitting at the president’s desk, signing executive orders—overpowered any attempt I made to think rationally about what was happening.

The next morning, millions of us who’d just had that same, weird dream gathered in our cities to wake from it together. And it turned out that there are a lot us. Like, a lot a lot.

The Women’s Marches, which happened in every big city and an astonishing number of smaller ones, represented the largest mass protest in American history. They reached Antarctica. The Seattle march grew so much larger than expected that the entire, three-mile route became a solid mass of people. The LA march was gargantuan — bigger even than the one in DC. Leaders of the burgeoning anti-Trump movement addressed crowds all over the country. Under the leadership of women, we collectively took heart, asserted the non-negotiability of human rights and basic facts, and made an early show of our power.

We also communicated with each other — a crucial act of politics in a wildly various group of three million people. And part of how we did that was through the signs we made and carried through the streets. A few days ago, we asked everyone on Twitter what they were planning to write, and got back a full range of what we love you guys for: sick burnz, reminders of shared priorities, sincere encouragements. Honestly, they were all great, and here are some favorites:


(Bonus points for the excellent slippers.)

During the protest, we, your humble MobyLivesians, saw (and made) some more signs that variously made us think, made us nod, or cracked our shit up:


We’re off to a great start, and there are hard times ahead — hails of madness, winds of violence. We need to keep talking to each other, and to keep laughing at the bad guys. We need to stay brave and be strong. Hold the line, friends. It gets tougher from here. Keep the memory of what it looks like when we stand together.

Finally, here are a few more to scroll through. If you see your sign here, let us know! And bravo, everybody!

Ian Dreiblatt is the former Director of Digital Media at Melville House.