December 14, 2017

Sean Spicer’s new book will “set the record straight”


A modest proposal for Spicer’s book cover

If you made a list of things that Melville House has spent 2017 dutifully, gleefully condemning, Sean Spicer would be near the top. From Spicer’s “covfefe” bullshit to his conveniently forgetting that Hitler gassed millions of people, the former press secretary has proven himself to be deceptive and unreliable. And let’s not forget the ridiculous spectacle of his claiming Trump’s inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s. Or the flag-pin scandal. Or his issues with Daft Punk and Dippin’ Dots. Or what about when he hid in the bushes to avoid the press?

Obviously, this list could go on. Though reminiscing about his pulling out some Br’er Rabbit strategems to dodge the press is particularly hilarious in light of recent news. Spicer announced on Hannity this week that his forthcoming book will address his concerns with the press. In Spicey’s words:

“The media’s priorities are backward about where the problems are… The stories that are being told are not an accurate representation of what President Trump went through to get the nomination, to transition to the White House, and then his first six months in office. And I’m going to write a book to come out in February… excuse me… the Summer of 2018… I’ve decided that it’s incumbent on me to set the record straight and give people a real understanding of what happened through each of those crucial points in our history.”

True to form, rabid idiot hound Sean Hannity took to embracing this ongoing narrative that the media has failed to recognize the glory and awesomeness of Donald Trump.

Spicey’s new book is forthcoming from Regnery — a place that publishes dreck so profoundly bilious that I have some upchuck in my mouth just typing the name. It’s titled The Briefing and promises to be filled with the inaccurate storytelling we’ve come to expect (and mock) from Sean Spicer.

Here’s the interview if you care to. (Not recommended, though.)



Peter Clark is a former Melville House sales manager.