July 24, 2017

Scrivenin’ Ain’t Easy


We’ve got kind of a thing for Herman Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener. We scriven publish it in our Art of the Novella series. We offer totes and tees scrivened emblazoned with Bartleby’s trademark utterance, “I would prefer not to.” Here in our posh New York City headquarters, demurring from various tasks has advanced from an occasional pastime to a company-wide obsession; sometimes, for whole weeks on end, we—all of us—simply find that we would prefer not to, whereupon we proceed to don’t. Big Bartleby fans, is the point.

So we hope you’ll enjoy this 1969 adaptation, made for TV by Encyclopædia Britannica, and starring On the Waterfront’s James Westerfield, sure, but, more importantly, a young actor named Barry Williams, who was about to make a big name for himself as Greg Brady, eldest son of the Bunch that bore his name.

Good Monday, friends. The week, once again, is upon. Scriven it easy, as they say, but scriven it.