April 14, 2018

Saturday the Fourteenth: Looks like we made it, everyone


The Watchmen, co-created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, who turns sixty-nine today.

OMG! Yesterday was Friday the thirteenth! So scary. I was petrified.

But today is not Friday the thirteenth. It’s Saturday the fourteenth. This is great news: if you’re reading this, we’re among the survivors, and we have until July before we need to worry about this again. (There’ll also be that solar eclipse to contend with.)

But this week hasn’t been all Fridays the thirteenths. There was also Thursday the twelfth. Wednesday the eleventh. I’ve even heard tell of Tuesday the tenth. And it all started, according to legend, in a mystical era known as Monday the ninth. This is to say, we’ve had a busy week on the blog, and here were the highlights:

We were also delighted to publish:

The first car Volvo ever manufactured, the ÖV 4, made its debut ninety-one years ago today. Hopefully, remembering this will lift the Swedish king’s spirits.

As ever, there were a few stories we just didn’t get to this week:

We published two books this week:




And, finally, it is Saturday, and you, being of sound mind and body, demand a cartoon. Well, friend, a cartoon you shall have. Take a long, deep breath, and welcome yourself to Balloon Land.

Rest up, friends. Another week arrives like clockwork on Monday.