April 15, 2017

Saturday is my copilot


A very happy 139th birthday to author and fashion icon Robert Walser!

Well, high fives are in order: if you’re reading this, it means that you have survived another 1.9% of 2017 and landed in the garden of earthly delights known as Saturday. Time to carry some cereal back to bed and, if possible, never leave. To help make that happen, here’s some fodder for the old browser window.

To start with, we, too, we who till the Melvillean ploughlands, who swing the Hermaneutic hammer, we have also had a week. Some highlights:

We also did some keeping up with past and future Melville House authors:

There were a couple stories this week that we just didn’t get to:

We’re wishing a happy sixty-fifth birthday to the great Avital Ronell, author of The Telephone Book (but not, y’know, the telephone book).

And a verrrry happy birthday to the one and only Leonardo da Vinci! He’s 565 years young, and doesn’t look a day over 476!

We published one title in paperback this week:

Last but hardly least, you have lived until Saturday morning, and an excellent cartoon is your God-given right:

And just a reminder: if you were Bow Wow, this would’ve been the fifth straight week of your thirtieth birthday.