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December 2, 2017

Saturday is coming to town


“Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden,” painted in 1926 by Otto Dix, born 126 years ago today.

Friends! Readers! Humans! Persons! After what we can surely all agree was one hell of a week, here we are again; if you made it through all seven days without pleading guilty to felony charges of lying to the FBI, this bud’s for you. Welcome to Saturday. It’s going to rule. It rules already.

Here at Melville House, we’re pleased to say that literally none of us—not a single staffer—has pled guilty to felony charges of lying to the FBI this week. We have, however, been keeping pretty busy:

A portrait of Don Swartzentruber by painter and religious leader Howard Finster, born 101 years ago today.

We were also delighted to publish:

Dix’s “Memory of the Hall of Mirrors in Brussels.”

As ever, there was some news we just didn’t get to:

And finally: It is Saturday morning, a time not for mere and horrible mortals, but verily for cartoooons! We’ve got a beaut for you today —- the sweet and bizarre stylings of 1952’s The Little House:

Have fun, stay safe, avoid saying anything to the FBI that will necessitate pleading guilty to a felony, and we’ll see you right back here on Monday.