December 16, 2017

Saturday Is as Saturday Does


“December,” by Hans Bol, born 483 years ago today.

Whoa-ho-ho out there — hello! Here we are again, for—take a deep breath, now—the very last Saturday MobyLives post of 2017. That’s right, friends — come a week from this morning, the blog will be in its brief, end-of-year hibernation, as we clear out the chimneys and prepare to meet the reborn sun on the other side of the new year. Ok? Ok. Let’s do this.

And well, wow, whoa, what a week it was. One thing that’s kept us busy is packing up our phenomenal new bundles — the perfect way to finish your holiday gift-shopping, and all deeply discounted. Get ’em while they’re bundly.

And also, here among the bundles, we’ve found some time to have a week, and—snow be damned!—it’s been a hot one:

“Useless Science or the Alchemist,” by Spanish-Mexican painter Remedios Varo, born 109 years ago today.

There were, for last time in 2017, a couple of stories we didn’t quite get to:

And finally, it is the final Saturday of the year, and you are entitled to the finest cartoon of the year. And here, without further ado, is “Until Yesterday’s Snowfall.” A nice little dream:

And with that, friends, we wish you a happy weekend. We’ll be right back here on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday — and then on hiatus until the new year. Celebrate responsibly, don’t stand under any chimneys if you can help it, and read feistily. The big one-eight is nearly upon us.

And happy eightieth birthday to American painter Ed Ruscha!