March 17, 2018

Saturday go bragh!


St. Patrick, depicted in a church window in Kilbennan, Ireland, and looking, if you’ll pardon the observation, like kind of a hipster?

Top o’ th’ mornin’, friends. Let’s start with a joke: what did Saturday morning say to Saturday afternoon?

Someday, I’ll be Saturday night.

If you’re staring at your computer screen right now thinking that this does not technically qualify as a “joke,” well… you may have a point. It’s been a scorcher of a week. More on that below (don’t miss this, seriously). For now, here’s how it looked on the blog:

Clara the Rhinoceros, painted by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, born 332 years ago today.

We were also delighted to publish:

As for what we’ve been up to, you may have heard a little about it:

“The Swan Princess” by Russian painter Mikhail Vrubel, born 162 years ago today

As ever, there were a few stories we just didn’t get to this week:

We published one book this week:

And finally, it is well-known that the best to drive the snakes out of your Saturday is with cartoons. We have a modest example right here. You shall enjoy it.

And with that, we wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day and a grand weekend. See you right back here Monday morning.

Oh, ok, one more Vrubel. This one is “Demon Downcast,” painted in 1902.