December 9, 2017

Saturday bells ring, are you Saturdayin’?


A sculpture by American artist Roxanne Swentzell, who turns fifty-five today!

Good news! You’ve survived another week of ubiquitous public Christmas music, political depravity, social exhaustion, and the thousand natural shocks 2017 is heir to. It is now Saturday, and friend, life is going to get better.

Before we go further—and oh, oh we have further to go—some big news: our 2017 Melville House staff holiday recommendations are now available. No joke! We, the living, breathing humans of Melville House, have come together to spread the word about the books we’ll be wrapping in colored paper for our favorite fellow humans this holiday, and we invite you to 100% steal our ideas. We’ve also got all kinds of gift bundles—great stuff for the cook in your kitchen, the feminist in your foyer, the fiction scenester at your farmstand, and more—and all of it is marked down by at least twenty percent. Glorious madness!

And speaking of madness — good lord, it’s been a week. Here were some of the highlights:

Austro-Hungarian writer and celebrated Melvillean Ödön von Horváth, born 116 years ago today.

We were also delighted to publish:

As ever, there were a couple stories we just didn’t get to:

We published one book this week:

And, finally, you worked hard all week, and you’ve earned yourself a little sweet cartoonage. Here it comes now. Pour yourself some corn pops, and settle into the transcendent and rather far-out pleasures of René Laloux’s Gandahar (make sure to switch on the subtitles!):

Ok then! Take good care, do some shopping, get a little sleep, and we’ll see you back here Monday.