August 3, 2018

“Russian aluminum workers are apparently worthy of special protection”: Lawrence O’Donnell has been reading Seth Hettena


In case you missed it, in yesterday’s New York TimesSeth Hettena brought down some serious truth. In an opinion piece for the Times, Hettena—the author of Trump / Russia: A Definitive History—writes of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska:

The specter of a fellow traveler with gangsters dictating terms to the United States government is yet another sign of the Trump administration’s inexplicable capitulation to Russia. And the timing of this latest surrender follows the July 16 summit in Helsinki, at which President Trump and President Putin met privately for more than two hours.

If you haven’t read the whole piece, which details the latest surrender in question, you can right here.

One who person who’s definitely read it is MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who kicked off his story last night on the stream of jaw-dropping revelations in the Trump/Russia story by reading several passages from the piece on air. Basically, any time you hear a veteran journalist concluding that “Russian aluminum workers are apparently worthy of special protection” in the New York Times, it’s worth noting — and O’Donnell did:

Wow. Just… wow. But here we are, it seems. (Might be time to do something about it…)




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