June 6, 2019

Rudolph Herzog has a new book and a new film, what about you?


Veteran Melville House author Rudolph Herzog sure knows how to spin plates. In addition to making his English fiction debut this October with the spooktacular story collection Ghosts of Berlin, Herzog has a new film premiering this month.

How to Fake a War, which will be screened as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival, is a feature-length film as only someone with Herzog’s imaginative prowess could concoct.

When an unexpected outbreak of peace leads to a ceasefire between Ukbar forces and Georgian rebels, arrogant rock star Harry Hope fears for the success of his heavily hyped Piece of Peace global charity concert. Desperate, he dispatches his PR consultant, Kate, and her naïve intern, Peggy, to create a fake war story – until the concert, at least. Things go hilariously pear-shaped when rivals take up arms for real, with Kate and Peggy caught in the middle.

If that sounds like the kind of film that would be up your alley, but you can’t make it to Edinburgh, then allow me to suggest Ghosts of Berlin as an alternative. Seriously. You want pear-shaped phantasmagoria? Ghosts of Berlin has it all, from undead Nazi sympathizers to lunatic Stasi agents—from airport gremlins to yoga squat demons. Have I sold you on this? You know I have.



Michael Barron is an editor at Melville House.