August 4, 2017

Restless Books is seeking donations!


Last week, we wrote about independent publisher Restless Books new imprint for younger readers, Yonder. Restless has recently acquired nonprofit status and is looking to its supporters for funding. Since 2013, the Gowanus-based Restless has, from its offices in Gowanus, Brooklyn, committed itself to publishing works that promote “internationalism, diversity, immigrant culture, and extraordinary writing from unexpected viewpoints” — an invaluable service in a time when xenophobic frogs like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon are striving to slam our borders shut. Restless has published such works as Where the Bird Sings Best by Holy Mountain director Alejandro Jodorowsky and Deepak Unnikrishan’s Temporary People, which was the first recipient of the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing.

Restless finds that their new nonprofit status “allows us to make new connections among authors, readers, and patrons of the arts. It means we can prioritize literary excellence and our global ethos over the dictates of the market.”

Keeping this mission in mind, they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to continue “championing essential voices from unexpected places and vantages, whose stories speak to us across linguistic and cultural borders,” at a time “when anti-global, anti-diversity, anti-literary forces are growing.”

The contributions will allow Restless to support authors and translators, continue the New Immigrant Writing Prize, and expand their series, which include The Face, Restless Classics, and the aforementioned Yonder.



Sarah Healy is an intern at Melville House.