April 3, 2018

Put a little Rip in your Van Winkle today


Washington Irving, a man who looked like his name should be “Washington Irving.”

It’s the 235th birthday of Washington Irving, and so perhaps the ideal time to sit back, pour yourself a Heineken, and groove out to Faerie Tale Theatre’s highly excellent adaptation of Irving’s immensely popular 1819 story Rip Van Winkle.

All our friends are here: the winsome-yet-formidable Shelley Duvall, the sleazy-yet-upstanding Harry Dean Stanton, and the beautiful Catksill Mountains themselves. If you haven’t revisited Mr. Winkle since you were a kid, you might be surprised how much more’s going on here than you remember. If nothing else, it is a beautiful dream of facial hair growing without restraint. And at any rate, enjoy: