November 8, 2010

PublicAffairs wins first publication of Financial Crisis Inquiry report


A deal secretly reached between Hachette imprint Little, Brown and the government to publish the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission — the “blue-ribbon panel” trying to ascertain who was responsible for the 2008 economic collapse — has fallen apart, says a Wall Street Journal report by John D. McKinnon. However, says McKinnon, the Commission has “a new tentative deal with another publisher, PublicAffairs Books, to distribute its report when it’s completed in mid-December.”

A spokesman for the Commission, Tucker Warren, tells the paper “we felt PublicAffairs was a good fit for us,” but that the deal has “no real impact on anything.”

Except, of course, for the public, not to mention all the other publishers locked out of access to the public record while one, privately-owned company is allowed to control its dissemination, at whatever price it chooses.

Dennis Johnson is the founder of MobyLives, and the co-founder and co-publisher of Melville House. Follow him at @mobylives