April 28, 2017

Potential Massachusetts Senate candidate is against Elizabeth Warren writing books, generally


Massachusetts State Rep. Geoff Diehl at a press conference Monday. Via YouTube.

Republicans have long had major criticisms of Elizabeth Warren’s policy positions, but it was strange to hear a possible challenger for her Senate seat railing against her for, of all things, writing a book.

As MassLive.com’s Gintautas Dumcius reports, Massachusetts State Representative Geoff Diehl, who’s “eyeing” a run against Senator Warren in 2018, said in a press conference on Monday that Warren shouldn’t have written a book when there’s so much work to be “done on Beacon Hill” (where the Massachusetts General Court meets, though perhaps, as Warren is a US Senator, he meant Washington?). Diehl, who held the press conference to announce that he was forming an exploratory committee to raise money for a potential run against Warren, made the remarks in response to a reporter’s question about what he thought of Warren’s new book, This Fight is Our Fight, before going on to promise that he would “not write any books during his first term” if he beat her.

Diehl was of course implying that by publishing a book and touring to promote it Warren —who has reportedly made $1.6 million so far on the two books she’s written while in office — is behaving more like a potential presidential candidate than a public servant, but it’s ludicrous to hear him calling her out for spreading her message and raising her profile (as well as, yes, raising funds) in the same way that any number of Republican politicians (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Kasich) have done. “There will be no book deals for Geoff Diehl while I’m in office after 2018,” Diehl declared, pathetically, as if that were the kind of promise that would prove his integrity to voters.

While the current president succeeded after rebuking Obama for taking vacations, only to spend nearly a third of his first hundred days in office golfing, Diehl’s posturing on Monday sounded amusingly weak.



Kait Howard was a publicist at Melville House.