November 24, 2017

Our Black Friday Sale is happening right now


And the Turkey opened the Seventh Seal; and the Friday went Black.

Well, or something. The truth is, modern science still can’t explain how Thanksgiving becomes Black Friday. But we do know, whatever the forces at work, that it happens.

And good thing, too, because Black Friday is what makes our annual Black Friday Sale possible. And our Black Friday Sale, friends, is a most excellent thing.

Through the end of the day today weekendCyber Monday, we’re offering an additional twenty percent off the already discounted prices on every single item in our online store, for a total savings of forty percent. Which is just phenomenal, really.

Best of all, you don’t have to do a damn thing — just pick whatever you’d like to buy, and the discount will be automatically applied at check-out. Boom.

So what does this mean in real numbers? It means you can land yourself one sweet copy of Marion Rankine’s brand-new Brolliogy, which the Washington Post just this week called “whimsical,” “thoughtful,” and “delicious,” for just $10.19. Wailing downpours of torrential savings!

$10.19 will also land you a copy of Ross Simonini’s wild and astounding debut, the darkly funny and luminously inquisitive interview novel The Book of FormationQ: Is that an amazing deal? A: That is an amazing deal.

Or let’s go big for a second: let’s say you want to nab a complete run of our acclaimed Art of the Novella series. Through the end of today, you can pick it up—thirty-six beauteous booklings—for the bewilderingly reasonable price of $216. That price is a work of art unto itself.

Reading thirty-six books is going to take some energy, of course, and there is literally no caffeinated beverage on earth that cannot be consumed from our “I Would Prefer Not To” mugs, which are as beautiful as the finest art, as ergonomic as the most luxuriant of office chairs, and as preferring-not-to as Bartleby himself. They’re also, for the rest of today, just $15. (Pamper yourself by throwing in a copy of Bartleby the Scrivener for another $6.)

In short, a lot of brave turkeys gave their lives that we might together enjoy the gizzard-tickling savings of this beautiful day. Shop, friends, that their sacrifice shall not have been in vain.

And we wish you fortitude, wherever you are, in the weekend’s ongoing digestive struggles. Happy Black Friday, friends.