August 30, 2016

On sale today: The Subsidiary by Matías Celedón


The Subsidiary whiteAuthor Matías Celedón began to imagine The Subsidiary when he found an old-school set of office stamps at the closing sale of a library in Santiago, Chile. Slowly, in marked contrast to the endless, humdrum bureaucracy to whose uses the stamps might have been put, a darker, more exciting story began taking shape: in the local offices of a major Latin American corporation, the power suddenly shuts down — the lights are out, the doors are locked, nobody knows what’s going on. And one employee, trapped trapped with his colleagues, bears witness to the horrors that follow, writing his account in the darkness, one corporate stamp at a time.

Here’s a brief excerpt from a book Alejandro Zambra has called “powerful, beautiful…. both timeless and painfully, undeniably contemporary.” It’s on sale today.

The Subsidiary white


The Subsidiary is on sale now. Buy your copy here or from your neighborhood independent bookstore.