August 2, 2016

On sale today: The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston


Today’s the day: The Making of Donald Trump, the product of nearly thirty years of reporting by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston, is on sale now.

Early reviews are already in. Kirkus Reviews writes, “If you follow the news at all, you’ll know that a number of allegations have recently been raised against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump…. It’s due in good measure to veteran investigative reporter Johnston… that these charges have seen the light of day. Here, without undue breathlessness and certainly without any coyness, he elaborates on those newsworthy sound bites.”

Writing at BooklistDonna Seaman says, “Johnston, who maintains a crisply matter-of-fact approach throughout this scrupulously detailed and documented chronicle, focuses on the business dealings Trump heralds as his qualifications for the presidency…. [He] identifies criminals Trump has associated with and meticulously explicates his massive debts and multiple bankruptcies and bailouts, tax-evasion tactics, luxury-development scams, and the federal criminal investigations that have targeted him.”

While you’re waiting on line to buy your copy, you might enjoy this footage of David talking Trump on Democracy Now!:


Or discussing Trump on the PBS NewsHour:

You can buy The Making of Donald Trump today on our site or from an indie bookseller near you.