September 30, 2013

Ohio comes out on top in library state statistics


The heart of it all—Ohioans love libraries.

California has the most air pollution. New Hampshire is the state with the highest corporate tax rate. Minnesota has the most reported tornadoes and you’ll find the greatest unemployment rate is in Michigan.

These statistics come from a list of worst traits of states at humor website The list is accompanied by a “United States of Shame” infographic.

But of all these negative facts, the best they could come up for Ohio is “Nerdiest State.” Why? Because Ohio has the highest number of public library visits per year per capita (6.9 to be exact).

Rather than lament the label of “nerd,” a local news station in Cleveland, Ohio interviewed library patron Jai Allday and a Stephanie Cooper, a librarian, who declared it a “badge of honor.”

“If we’re labeled that, then please talk nerdy to me,” Allday said.

“I am pretty proud of it,” Cooper said. “It means we are filled with readers.”

Allday said she scours the bookshelves “at least four to five times a week.” She calls the main library her second home.

Cincinnati has the highest library circulation numbers in Ohio, with 6.5 million items checked out in 2012. Cleveland comes in number two, with 3.5 million items in circulation.



Claire Kelley is a the former Director of Library and Academic Marketing.