October 3, 2018

Oh, the Places Books Can Not Go, Because They Didn’t Deliver for 20 Years


Twenty years past,
on some October date
Grandmother Vera Walker did something great:

She mail-ordered a present – some books, you’ll deduce,

Penned by the incomparable, much-loved Dr. Seuss.

But the present never presented; the books would not arrive,

and Walker’s little granddaughter turned from four into five.

Then to six, then to ten! Twenty! Twenty-four!

And Vera forgot the books due to her door.

Until last month, as Kristin Clifford at Inquisitor reports,

when Walker got a surprise that left her all out of sorts.

She screamed! she professed, per Boston’s WCVB5,

When she opened her mailbox and saw what was inside.

The long-missing books! They were right there, in the box!

The shock of it knocked her clear out of her socks!

They’d been stored wrong, you see, in the Florida mail,

Hiding in a box at the Post Office, to just no avail.

After two decades of waiting, the books had shown up!

Far too late for the granddaughter, who is now all grown up.

But not for her kid, Walker’s great-grandson, Cameron, age four,

Who suddenly has his very own Seusstastic library to adore.

But the best part of this story? What we think is so neat?

What turns this short tale from just “nice” into sweet?

The company ordered from, back in 1998,

In 2018 is not doing so great.

They’ve been absorbed, by one of publishing’s Top Four,

And there’s no address to mail them a check anymore.

Which means that Walker, who paid for these books “C.O.D.,”

Can give them to Cameron completely FOR FREE.



Susan Rella is the Director of Production at Melville House, and a former bookseller.