November 20, 2009

Oh the Irony


Well, the National Book Awards were last night, and it seemed like everyone went home pretty happy.  Gawker has a great wrap-up (complete with pictures!) if you want to know how the after party was.  I, unfortunately, had other social obligations (Gin Mingle!), although looks like Sloane Crosley managed to be in two places at once.  But let’s run through some highlights.  The best part of the night?  Looks like Google sponsored the party.

Yes, that Google.  The same Google that the industry is currently settling with in court. How did this even come to be?  Eh, who cares.  But I have to say, way to brown nose Google! Plaster book parties with posters, give away great swag, and who will even remember that … what was it … settlement?

Some other highlights: Colum McCann took home the prize for fiction, James Franco showed up, Chris Wilson and Steve Garbarino were kicked out for smoking inside and I lost money betting on Fordlandia winning for non-fiction (but congrats, TJ, I’m not bitter at you).

I’ll leave you with this deep thought from a drunkenly funny editor, again, courtesy of Gawker:

“Next year, it’s not going to be a DJ. It’s gonna be a Kindle.”

Maybe next year Amazon will sponsor!