March 30, 2016

Obviously Action Bronson is writing a cookbook


Bronsolini himself. Image via YouTube.

Bronsolini himself. Image via YouTube.

It was only a matter of time. Queens rapper Action Bronson, who shot to fame on the basis of his lyrical talent, love of food, and aural resemblance to Ghostface, is writing his first cookbook.

Jon Blistein reports for Rolling Stone:

Hip hop and food aficionado Action Bronson will publish a cookbook, Fuck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well in fall 2017 via publishing house Abrams.

The book will mix recipes and memoir, with Bronson sharing memories of food and cooking alongside stories from his life on the road. Bronson famously worked as a chef in New York City and began rapping after he broke his leg in the kitchen. His songs are packed with elaborate gourmet references that sit alongside equally outlandish hip-hop braggadocio.

Bronson’s VICE webseries, also titled “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” celebrates Bronson’s love of all cuisine, as well as his love of marijuana, which may have something to do with his love of cuisine. Or, perhaps, simply clarifies it. Either way, there’s no denying Bronson’s professional acumen and charm, which has been in effect since his pre-rap career. Check out this 2009 episode of a small-bearded Action on his cooking webseries Action In The Kitchen, in which he manages to cook a gorgeous plate of pasta while talking about iodine poisoning, weed, the Dead Sea, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, all while dropping trademark wince-inducing sex references.

And for those who love Action but don’t cook, Fuck, That’s Delicious will also feature plenty of material for the fans, including video stills, handwritten lyrics, and backstage photography.

But I’d like to believe that anyone who’s heard lyrics like “My dad was right when he said I was a strange fuck / Now every meal is calamari and boudin blanc” and “Damn, these ladies love me out in London / Laurenivici served the granulated onion” would be inspired to pick up a frying pan for the first time.



Liam O’Brien is the Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Melville House, and a former bookseller.