April 21, 2011

Notes on design: A good yarn


The quirky British publishing upstart Visual Editions have been making a lot of headlines over the past few months with their newest book, Jonathan Safran Foer‘s Tree of Codes. (And regardless of how you feel about the book or its author, this behind-the-scenes video of the production process is fascinating.) But they certainly aren’t the only ones out there producing uniquely artistic books.

For her final university project, the young German graphic designer Maria Fischer produced Traumgedanken (Thoughts on Dreams), a one-of-a-kind book featuring ”a collection of literary, philosophical, psychological and scientifical texts which provide an insight into different dream theories.” The artistic twist comes in the form of colored threads which weave through the text, connecting important concepts and creating an otherworldy reading experience. At several points throughout the book, the strands converge to form abstract geometric illustrations related to the text.

But don’t expect to find a copy of Traumgedanken at your local bookstore anytime soon—Fischer tells the design blog Type Desk that all of the stitching took ”two weeks, working from early morning till late at night.” Even if the process was labor-intensive, though, the finished book looks like a dream come true.

You can see more of Maria Fischer’s work, including other experiments with thread, at her online portfolio.

Christopher King is the former Art Director of Melville House.