January 22, 2018

Not to brag, but we’ve got some pretty amazing books coming out


When you checked in on MobyLives last week, you probably noticed that our regularly scheduled news, opinions, hilarity, and overarching je ne sais quois were given over to a preview of some of the mighty and amazing books we have forthcoming over the next couple months. It was a sneak peek not to be missed, and to be sure you didn’t, here’s a complete listing of what we ran:


Slavoj Žižek: The Courage of Hopelessness
On sale: February 6th
Flavor notes: Bold and slightly nutty, extremely and inimitably Žižek




Hunter S. Thompson: The Last Interview and Other Conversations
On sale: February 6th
Flavor notes: Pure farm-to-table American gonzo




Curtis White: Lacking Character
On sale: March 13th
Flavor notes: Triumphal return of an American fiction master, transcendental buffoonery




Tom Feiling: The Island That Disappeared
On sale: March 20th
Flavor notes: Sister ship of the Mayflower, the history you never knew you never knew




C.D. Rose: Who’s Who When Everyone Is Someone Else
On sale: April 10th
Flavor notes: “But finest of all was the anonymity. Here I could be anyone I liked.”




David Farris: It’s Time to Fight Dirty
On sale: April 10th
Flavor notes: Taking back our country, getting with the program




Michael Bible: Empire of Light
On sale: April 24th
Flavor notes: Feelings, stirrin’ up trouble, the young Reverend Maloney





Jason Heller: Strange Stars
On sale: June 5th
Flavor notes: Cosmic flare, glam fantastica, Bowie Bowie Bowie