January 1, 2012

New Hans Fallada Paperbacks


Melville House is excited to announce that the following Hans Fallada books were just reissued in handsome new paperbacks, and each title is also part of our Hybrid Book series, which offers readers a wealth of additional material — never before translated essays and letters by the author, commentary from translator and Fallada scholar Geoffrey Wilkes, rare photographs, and much more.


“The greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis.” Primo Levi

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“Painfully true to life … I have read nothing so engaging as Little Man, What Now? for a long time.” Thomas Mann

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“His most ambitious novel… deeply moving… he has evoked more than one can bear, but not more than it is necessary to learn, to keep and to understand.” Alfred Kazin, The New York Times

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“Fallada deserves high praise for having reported so realistically, so truthfully, with such closeness to life.” Herman Hesse

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