November 7, 2018

Missing Halloween? A new service brings stories to life and into readers’ homes


Are you one of those horror fiends who spends most of the year prepping for Halloween? A spooky goblin eagerly awaiting the blanket of night to cause havoc and fear amongst family and friends?! If are you, then you might want to learn more about The Mysterious Package Company: a new service that turns your home into a classic horror story – like a Black Mirror episode come to life, a choose-your-own adventure Shirley Jackson story right in your living room.

Photo via Ján Jakub Naništa/Unsplash

Bustle’s Charlotte Ahlin explores some of the prescribed stories the service offers: a sci-fi romance tale she special ordered for an unsuspected friend called “Tempus Fugit” offered some scares but mostly mystery. But the “Filigree in Shadow” was her personal selection, a nineteenth-century horror story set in a haunted house–presumably hers.

 I ordered “Filigree in Shadow” for myself, and I was still surprised to receive a very official looking letter from “Millennial Dominion Financial“… until they started talking about unusual events that had occurred in a nineteenth-century London house. That’s when I began to suspect that this was my immersive haunted house experience, and not an angry letter from the bank. But my relief was short-lived: inside my package was a genuinely disturbing array of letters, drawings, and all manner of Victorian detritus. Each item was thoroughly convincing, from the aged paper to the cramped, hand-written notes. The more I read, the more I began to uncover a concrete story, with descriptions of events as chilling as any horror novel I’ve ever encountered.

Recipients of any of the company’s seven curated “experiences” receives weekly correspondence: packages full of letters revealing clues to the story;  images and artifacts that could lead to an absolutely horrifying revelation.

Sure, Halloween already passed and the horror of the midterm elections is neigh (or not, who knows I wrote this last night), but now that all our emotional baseline levels are set to the why not order a new scary story to explore when you’re feeling cozy and settled in?




Alex Primiani is the associate director of publicity at Melville House.