October 26, 2017

Mike Cernovich is also a Shitty Media Man


Shitty Media Man Mike Cernovich. Via Facebook.

Perhaps inevitably, the “SHITTY MEDIA MEN” Google sheet that we wrote about last week has gotten into the hands of at least one Shitty Media Man.

For The Cut, Ruth Spencer and Stella Bugbee report that “extreme right-wing blogger,” “vocal anti-feminist,” “men’s rights activist,” “known troll,” and alleged rapist Mike Cernovich offered $10,000 for access to the document, which he is now in the process of revealing on his website. He plans to publish the list in full.

In an eighteen-minute Periscope video that is 100% not worth your time, Cernovich gleefully reads from the list of accusations—“I shouldn’t laugh,” he corrects himself, “this is serious stuff”—and teases out a couple names. But mostly he gloats. He makes a show of proving that he has the list, he ponders leaking it to 4chan, he asks viewers what they think he should do with it, and finally he announces that he will post one name every day, or every other day, until he’s posted them all, and he’ll reach out to each person for a statement before he does so. A hostage situation with no demands.

“Regardless of the moral questions surrounding the list and those who made it,” Spencer and Bugbee write, “it’s pretty clear that Mike Cernovich doesn’t come at it from the perspective of serving justice for the victims of sexual assault.”

That’s a very diplomatic way to put it. Here is another way: What Cernovich is doing is making a spectacle of serious allegations, and treating the people on the list and the people who contributed to the list as objects of perverse curiosity. The whole stunt is grotesque.



Taylor Sperry is an editor at Melville House.