October 28, 2016

Michael Bloomberg to coauthor book on climate change



Via Wikipedia.

Given that discussion of climate change has been strangely absent from the presidential campaign, now seems a better time than ever for Michael Bloomberg to announce he’s at work on a book on what may be the most pressing issue of our time.

On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that Bloomberg is collaborating with the Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, to write Overheated: How Cooler Heads Can Cool the World, which, according to publisher St. Martin’s, will go beyond “partisan rhetoric” to offer “viable, concrete solutions.”

With the book scheduled for release in April 2017, it’s easy enough to imagine that Bloomberg, who currently serves as the United Nations’ special envoy on climate change and cities, may be trying to reinsert the issue into the public conversation ahead of Hillary Clinton’s presumed victory on November 8. It’s most likely pure speculation, though. While Clinton didn’t try to bring up climate change during the debates, she did focus on it at a recent rally in Miami with Al Gore, who famously made it his issue after losing the 2000 election. (Well, “losing.”)

It will be interesting to see how concrete the proposals put forward by Bloomberg and Pope are—in the St. Martin’s press release, they’re described as two proponents of reducing emissions who have not always agreed with each other, but are coming together behind such an important issue. Recently, Bloomberg has been enthusiastic about the inevitability of self-driving cars — who cares if thousands of professional drivers will lose their jobs? He’s been a prominent supporter of sweeping initiatives to combat climate change, joining a 2014 bipartisan study of the economic risks of rising temperatures, and dismissing climate change deniers as either “crazies” or—as in the case of an apparently “smart guy” like Ted Cruz—blatant liars.



Kait Howard was a publicist at Melville House.