October 5, 2018

Melville House + Booksellers Without Borders


Right now on Kickstarter there is an ongoing campaign very close to our hearts. Booksellers Without Borders is a program through donation that provides, as their campaign states: 

American booksellers with the opportunity to attend international book fairs…[where they can] part in presentations, panel discussions, and seminars exploring current trends in international writing [and] visit local bookstores to meet managers and booksellers.”

Melville House is among many publishers supporting this campaign, and we’re proud to do so by participating in the rewards.

If you donate $145 dollars to the campaign, you’ll receive every book included in our Art of the Novella series, which includes titles from George Eliot, Herman Melville, and Machado de Assis, and more. If you nudge that up to $125 dollars, you’ll get our entire Last Interview and Other Conversations series, which includes James Baldwin, David Bowie, and Hannah Arendt as well as many other iconic figures.

So don’t wait until the campaign ends on October 25, donate to a good cause, and get amply rewarded now. It’s a win/win!



Michael Barron is an editor at Melville House.