February 22, 2022

Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Publishing


Since its inception twenty years ago this February (02/20/02 to be exact), Melville House has been called “brilliant,” “anti-establishment,” “small but innovative,” and “[an] enticing American boutique.” 

Twenty years later, with offices in Brooklyn and London and a staff of 15, Merians and co-founder Dennis Johnson have published over 700 books, including an astonishing list of internationally acclaimed authors. 

Celebrate with us throughout the year with a new website, some fun new merchandise, special terms for booksellers, and, Covid permitting, a celebratory party in September. You can check back here or follow us on Twitter (#MH20) for updates.


Washington Post – Newsletter feature

Publishers Weekly – Interview with founders Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians



Melville House Press Release


Launching 2/22/22, we’ll be hosting regular giveaways from the Melville House social media accounts.

2/22 Grand Prize: Anniversary edition tote bag with limited edition beanie and a selection of books

Live Events

2/24 @1pm ET via Instagram Live: Founders Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians in conversation with Patrick Strickland, author of The Marauders


Limited Edition beanies

Limited Edition tote bags