October 16, 2018

Maryse Condé won the New Academy Prize


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

For those of you following the Nobel Prize/the New Academy prize saga: we have an update.

Maryse Condé won the New Academy Prize, a one-off reward intended to fill the gap left in the cancelled Nobel prize.

As reported in the Guardian, the Guadeloupean novelist spoke on video during the Stockholm-based ceremony:

“…please allow me to share it with my family, my friends and above all the people of Guadeloupe, who will be thrilled and touched seeing me receive this prize. We are such a small country, only mentioned when there are hurricanes or earthquakes and things like that. Now we are so happy to be recognized for something else.”

Condé authored 20 novels and was one of three authors on the list of New Academy finalists. The fourth finalist, Haruki Murakami, withdrew his nomination in September 2018. The chair of judges Ann Pålsson, stated that Condé was a “grand storyteller” who “belongs to world literature”.




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