August 21, 2017

Mark Bray wants to pull the emergency brake on white supremacy


Yesterday was another busy one for Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, available everywhere tomorrow. He appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, where he and Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen presented their contrasting views of antifa, the anti-fascist movement that has been standing up to white supremacists across the country.Asked about one of the most common critiques of antifa, that by denying a platform to fascists it comes perilously close to censorship, Mark offered an eloquent reply:

“Let’s be clear that antifa are not calling on the government to censor anyone — in fact, they resist the notion of turning to the government, turning to the police, who we’ve seen have been infiltrated by white supremacists, who have been sympathetic to the sort of ‘return to law and order’ notion of fascism. And so the idea is the real enemies of free speech are fascists. We’ve seen that historically. We’ve seen that they’re the ones that, if they have their way, will shut down speech. And it also differs in the sense that anti-fascists see this as apolitical struggle. They don’t see fascism as a difference of opinion, or as a different perspective to consider. Instead, they see fascists as the enemy, and I think that we need to come around to that notion, considering that there is no doubt what they’ve done historically.”

The full debate is completely worth watching. You can see it here, or watch it right now: