October 24, 2018

Margaret Atwood on getting started in fiction writing


Writing can be a wonderful journey, or a terrible slog. For many writers, certain plot points, sentence structure, character development, dialogue, intention, or even making time to write can put an obstacle the process.

Margaret Atwood shares the hardest part about writing fiction. For Atwood, she says the “hardest part about writing fiction is the part you know you have to put in, that is the expository.” Essentially, for the writer,  Atwood feels that the expository is an intriguing part – the characters, the reasons behind the beginning plot, and actions are all a part of the expository.

Learn more about Atwood’s feelings and advice for getting started on a fiction project, plus gain insight into her thoughts on writing both poetry and fiction.




Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.