* WATCH: The New Yorker Interview: Segal recalls her first walk along Riverside Drive, and pieces together her journey from Austria through faded memories and photographs.

* Bookslut Interview: “I look for contradictions of the light that is dark and the dark that is light. I look for it. It’s not the only way to see things. But I’m at home in that contradiction.”

* BOMB Interview: “We all need friends. We all lose friends. I do not want to claim that immigrants experience what no one else knows, but perhaps the immigrant—the refugee—experience has an added hook.”

* WATCH: The Center for Fiction hosts a panel discussion about the contemporary novella with Lore Segal, Melville House executive editor Kelly Burdick, and author Tao Lin

* The Missouri Review Interview: “I have a suspicion that goodness, like cleverness, like being good at writing — is a talent, which can and must then be educated and trained … If, despite my experience of the Holocaust and having to leave my family at ten, my assumption is that this is not a basically violent world, it might not have something to do with having been treated kindly and with respect and with affection by the first people around me in my childhood.”

* Athens Banner-Herald Interview: “I keep rewriting everything 48 times,” she says. “There are writers, I think, who love the empty page and the act of invention and who usually hate rewriting … But for me the act of invention is painful. I don’t know how to come up with things.”

* LISTEN: American Jewish Historical Society Interview: An oral history in which Lore Segal tells her life’s story and how her various experiences have influenced her work.

* WATCH: The New York Public Library Interview: Two former Cullman Center Fellows, the writers Julie Orringer and Lore Segal, read from and discuss their work.