November 15, 2013

Lord Byron’s restaurant: only tame romantics need apply


Lord Byron modelling the uniform staff at Byron’s Brasserie will be expected to wear, maybe.

He was “mad, bad and dangerous to know” but a new restaurant located inside Lord Byron’s ancestral home is focussing on his romantic nature, and asking its staff to do the same.

Byron’s Brasseries at Colwick Hall in Nottingham is asking applicants hoping to work there to:

“name the most romantic thing they have ever done, the one word that best describes their current relationship and when was the last time they bought a present for a loved one.”

Marieanne Ashley, the restaurant’s manager said she was looking to recruit a team of staff that “wears its heat on its sleeve” and it’s clear she’s expecting stiff competition between candidates: ‘If a tie-breaker is needed, they will be asked to write their own ‘Love Poem’ to match Lord Byron’s own efforts’.

The restaurant is evidently pushing a watered-down, family-friendly version of Lord Byron, and presumably Ashley will not be pleased if prospective staff members refer to their own experiences in extra-marital love affairs, writing poems to taunt ex-lovers they no longer care for, sodomy and incest, all features of Byron’s own love-life. Although surely a staff made up of these characters would be more interesting for diners than soppy romantics weeping into their onion soup?



Zeljka Marosevic is the former managing director of Melville House UK.