October 16, 2017

Long Day’s Journey into being 129 Years Old


Today marks the 129th anniversary of the birth of playwright and Nobel laureate Eugene O’Neill, one of the most gifted people in history at pairing a set of haunted eyes with a suitably bushy moustache. O’Neill is remembered for the realism, vernacular language, and emotional depth of his plays, and for being himself masterfully portrayed by Jack Nicholson and luminously skewered by Groucho Marx.

It’s a great day to check out this production of O’Neill’s revered Long Day’s Journey into Night, which won both a Tony for Best Play and a Pulitzer for Drama. Originally staged in 1986 at Broadway’s Broadhurst Theater, this production stars Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Peter Gallagher, and Bethel Leslie, and was directed by Jonathan Miller.